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Dytek helps clients become more agile, efficient and responsive by empowering them with cloud, mobile, Social and Analytics technologies.


Of course we are the experts, develop great apps, solve complex business problems, but that is not what we are all about. What makes us unique is our "core values" which shape our company character, guide how we conduct business every day and influences the way think and act.

  • SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL: We firmly believe in simplicity. We develop products and solutions that are easy to use, beautifully designed and simple to manage.
  • TRUST THROUGH HONESTY: Openness, honesty and above all being transparent to our clients, partners and employees is our philosophy. This creates trust and is the basis for a long-term and successful relationship.
  • THE BEST OR NOTHING: We screen potential opportunities carefully so we pick only the ones where we can deliver our best. Once selected, we put our heart into our work to ensure client success and satisfaction.
  • START AT THE END: All our engagements begin with understanding the client's end vision. We then work backwards to create a best suitable solution that seamlessly integrates all the components required to achieve the long-term vision.
  • SOLUTION CENTRIC: First and foremost we focus on solving the business problems of our clients; technology comes second. Whether you hire us for a single resource or a full-scale turn-key project, we always take a solution centric approach.
  • WORK HAPPY CULTURE: We hire the most brilliant people we can find. We promote an environment where coming to work is fun and provides our employees a balanced life experience.